Imaging Retinal Densitometry: MacuMap

STFC and Cardiff University have developed a novel imaging ophthalmic instrument, known as MacuMap. MacuMap delivers a unique insight into the functional performance of the retina and it is anticipated that the instrument could enable earlier AMD diagnosis. The project has applied engineering expertise from the field of astronomy to develop a new approach to imaging retinal densitometry. Using optical and data processing technology usually found in space exploration, the instrument gives real-time imaging and analysis of biochemical events and physiological cellular interactions in both the retina and the underlying retinal pigment epithelium cells.

Early research findings for MacuMap are extremely promising and the technology is expected to enter clinical trials in the near future. Subject to successful clinical trials, the instrument will be sold to clinicians and researchers across the ophthalmology market.

STFC are looking to develop relationships with companies and researchers in relevant fields. We welcome discussions leading to collaborative projects exploring current and future applications of MacuMap, in areas such as drug discovery, disease progression, disease conversion, natural history, retinal function etc. We are open to feedback from any interested parties.

MacuMap was recently presented at ARVO 2018. Please contact us to obtain a copy of the poster.