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Isotope Ratiometer
The isotope ratiometer is a new technique developed at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory used to measure the ratio of stable isotopes 13C:12C (δ13) for CO2. The novel configuration allows the instrument to compact robust and offer very high precision in real time. IMAGES Published: 08/06/2022
Keywords(s): 01.h. Imaging & Detector Technology, 05.b. Chemistry, 05.c. Earth Sciences, 05.e. Meteorology/Climatology, 05.f. Physics, 06.a. Medicine, Human Health, 08.b. Food quality and safety, 09.a. Measurement Tools, 10.a. Safety & Security, 10.b. Environment
Category(s): Electronics & Semiconductors, Optics & Lasers, Food & Beverage Technology, Scientific Instrumentation, Sensors & detectors, Medical & Biomedical
Electrospinning Scale-Up
STFC has a developed a high throughput manufacturing process for its previously patented electrospinning technology. This method addresses the need for an industrial scale electrospinning source with the ability to change the molecular content of the nanofibres with minimal time delay. IMAGES Published: 08/06/2022
Keywords(s): 02.b. Industrial Manufacture, 02.g. Materials Technology, 03.b. Process Plant Engineering, 03.d. Chemical Tech. & Engg., 04.a. Energy storage and transport, 05.b. Chemistry, 05.k. Nanotech. (physical science), 06.b. Biology/Biotechnology, 06.d. Micro- & Nanotech. (bioscience)
Category(s): Medical & Biomedical, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Biologics, Scientific Instrumentation, Manufacturing & Process Engineering, Food & Beverage Technology, Energy & Alternative Fuel, Advanced Materials
Droplet Deformation
Shaped microscopic particles find application in a variety of industries like paint, food, photonics, etc. STFC has developed an innovative technology which provides a unique capability for the deformation of droplets (oils, polar solvents, gels, etc.) through the use of optical traps generated by laser beams. Once the droplets are shaped, they may...
Published: 08/06/2022
Keywords(s): 02.g. Materials Technology, 03.d. Chemical Tech. & Engg., 03.i. Printing, 05.j. Microtech. (physical science), 06.b. Biology/Biotechnology, 08.a. Technology for the food industry
Category(s): Manufacturing & Process Engineering, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Biologics, Food & Beverage Technology