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e-Black Surfaces
STFC's Accelerator Science department has developed a method of laser ablation to reduce secondary as well as photo-electron yields in particle accelerators and RF waveguides to less than 1. Secondary electron emission is an unwanted effect limiting the performance of high energy colliders, storage rings and dumping rings such as the Large Hadron Collider....
Published: 27/04/2016
Keywords(s): 02.j. Aerospace Technology, 03.c. Apparatus Engineering, 03.c1 Wave-guides, 03.c2 Klystrons, 04. ENERGY, 04.c. Energy transmission and conversion, 04.e. Nuclear Fission/Nuclear Fusion, 05.f1 Accelerators
Category(s): Accelerator Technology, Manufacturing & Process Engineering, Advanced Materials, Scientific Instrumentation, Optics & Lasers
Hard X-ray imaging detector
The Technology department at STFC have developed the HEXITEC detector measures the energy and position of every incident photon in the 4-200keV range. Each one of the 80x80 pixels provides a full energy spectrum with an average energy resolution of 800eV FWHM at 60keV. IMAGES DESCRIPTIONThe GigE 8080 is a self-contained, CE marked module that only...
Published: 19/04/2016
Keywords(s): 01.a. Electronics, 01.h. Imaging & Detector Technology, 02.c. Process control and logistics, 05.f. Physics, 05.f1 Accelerators, 10.a. Safety & Security
Category(s): NDT, Security Applications, Sensors & detectors, Scientific Instrumentation, Pharmaceuticals & Biologics, Manufacturing & Process Engineering, Electronics & Semiconductors
Electrospinning Scale-Up
STFC has a developed a high throughput manufacturing process for its previously patented electrospinning technology. This method addresses the need for an industrial scale electrospinning source with the ability to change the molecular content of the nanofibres with minimal time delay. IMAGES DESCRIPTIONElectrospray is a technique for dispersing...
Published: 23/12/2014
Keywords(s): 02.b. Industrial Manufacture, 02.g. Materials Technology, 03.b. Process Plant Engineering, 03.d. Chemical Tech. & Engg., 04.a. Energy storage and transport, 05.b. Chemistry, 05.k. Nanotech. (physical science), 06.b. Biology/Biotechnology, 06.d. Micro- & Nanotech. (bioscience)
Category(s): Medical & Biomedical, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Biologics, Scientific Instrumentation, Manufacturing & Process Engineering, Food & Beverage Technology, Energy & Alternative Fuel, Advanced Materials
Droplet Deformation
Shaped microscopic particles find application in a variety of industries like paint, food, photonics, etc. STFC has developed an innovative technology which provides a unique capability for the deformation of droplets (oils, polar solvents, gels, etc.) through the use of optical traps generated by laser beams. Once the droplets are shaped, they may...
Published: 31/03/2014
Keywords(s): 02.g. Materials Technology, 03.d. Chemical Tech. & Engg., 03.i. Printing, 05.j. Microtech. (physical science), 06.b. Biology/Biotechnology, 08.a. Technology for the food industry
Category(s): Manufacturing & Process Engineering, Nanotechnology, Pharmaceuticals & Biologics, Food & Beverage Technology
A portable CLaDS instrument has been deployed for the environmental monitoring of nitrous oxide at Princeton University (invention partners). This proved the instruments enhanced properties over other traditional sensors, and shows outstanding performance in terms of sensitivity, robustness and reliability of results. A table –top instrument...
Published: 31/03/2014
Keywords(s): 02.c. Process control and logistics, 03.a. Other Industrial Technologies, 03.b. Process Plant Engineering, 06.a. Medicine, Human Health, 09.a. Measurement Tools, 09.c. Electronic measurement systems, 10.b. Environment
Category(s): Sensors & detectors, Scientific Instrumentation, Optics & Lasers, Manufacturing & Process Engineering, Security Applications, Medical & Biomedical
Electropun Fibres
An innovative technology that allows the co-electrospinning of nanofibres with porous shells with core fluid that may find a wide variety of applications in fields varying from automotive hydrogen storage to pharmaceutical applications such as drug delivery. STFC currently licenses the technology in the field of hydrogen storage but invites interested...
Published: 31/03/2014
Keywords(s): 02.b. Industrial Manufacture, 02.g. Materials Technology, 03.d. Chemical Tech. & Engg., 04.a. Energy storage and transport, 06.b. Biology/Biotechnology, 06.d. Micro- & Nanotech. (bioscience)
Category(s): Nanotechnology, Manufacturing & Process Engineering, Medical & Biomedical, Pharmaceuticals & Biologics, Energy & Alternative Fuel
Electrospinning Nozzle
STFC has developed a novel electrospinning process that allows for the parallel production of very fine multicore nanofibres and/ or particles of diameter between 3-1000 nm. A multitude of concentric ducts enable the layering of the fibres with various immiscible fluids at varying thickness. The structures thus produced in a wide range fields from clinical...
Published: 31/03/2014
Keywords(s): 02.b. Industrial Manufacture, 02.g. Materials Technology, 03.d. Chemical Tech. & Engg., 04.a. Energy storage and transport, 06.b. Biology/Biotechnology, 06.d. Micro- & Nanotech. (bioscience)
Category(s): Manufacturing & Process Engineering, Pharmaceuticals & Biologics, Nanotechnology, Energy & Alternative Fuel, Medical & Biomedical