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Precision Deployment & Adjustment Mechanism
A deployment mechanism, with excellent fine tuning capabilities in three degrees of freedom.IMAGES Published: 08/06/2022
Keywords(s): 01. ELECTRONICS, IT AND TELECOMMS, 02.e. Packaging/Handling, 02.j. Aerospace Technology, 05.g. Mechanical Engineering
Category(s): Optics & Lasers, Space Technology, Mechanical & Automotive, Aerospace Engineering
Producing Hydrogen from Ammonia
STFC, a leading UK research organisation has successfully developed a method of producing hydrogen from ammonia. This method is a breakthrough in Hydrogen powered fuel cell and internal combustion engine (ICE) technology. IMAGES Published: 16/05/2023
Keywords(s): 02.i. Transport & Shipping Technology, 04.a. Energy storage and transport, 04.b. Energy production
Category(s): Energy & Alternative Fuel, Mechanical & Automotive
Terahertz Signal Generator
This novel transducer is capable of generating electromagnetic signals in terahertz region. The unique feature of this invention is the use of a field emitter array as a source of electron beam together with a resonant cavity to achieve output radiation of 300 GHz to 10 THz.DESCRIPTIONThe transducer mainly consists of a field emitter array and a hollow...
Published: 08/06/2022
Category(s): Electronics & Semiconductors, Medical & Biomedical, Mechanical & Automotive, NDT, Scientific Instrumentation
Ammonia Storage
Hydrogen is often claimed to be the best alternative fuel for automotive purposes if not for the complications involving its safe and efficient storage. The technology developed by STFC, utilizes compounds having the general formula M1x(BH4)y(NH2(R2))n to safely and efficiently store and when required release hydrogen. This technology has multiple advantages...
Published: 08/06/2022
Keywords(s): 03.d. Chemical Tech. & Engg., 04. ENERGY, 04.a. Energy storage and transport, 04.b. Energy production, 04.f. Renewable Sources of Energy, 05.g. Mechanical Engineering, 10.b. Environment
Category(s): Energy & Alternative Fuel, Mechanical & Automotive