Multi-TEDDI 3D X-Ray Imaging

This invention relates to a tomographic energy dispersive diffraction imaging system (TEDDI). Whilst conventional tomographic imaging systems rely on absorptive or spectroscopic data of the subject, TEDDI provides diffraction data in combination with either absorption or spectroscopic data. As an example, the diffraction pattern of a sample will show its elemental composition and the absorption contrast will show its structural properties.



A tomographic energy dispersive diffraction imaging apparatus comprises an incident radiation source directed at a sample mount and a means for detecting radiation at a given angle to the direction of the incident radiation. The detection means comprises an array of energy dispersive detectors and an associated array of collimators. This significantly reduces the time required to obtain an image of a sample by providing information on a plurality of diffracting sample volumes (lozenges) simultaneously. Another aspect of the invention is the incident radiation collimator comprising at least two spaced collimator plates or foils each provided with a collimator aperture in the direction of the incident radiation. This collimator structure can provide a densely packed array of adjacent collimators hence achieving high angular resolution in TEDDI systems.






  • Using a detector/collimator array in accordance with the existing system so that each energy dispersive detector has a respective collimator
  • A collimator for incident radiation
  • A method of constructing the collimator apertures by laser drilling



  • Unlike in existing TEDDI systems, this invention can significantly reduce the time required to obtain a 3D image of a sample. This allows the technology to offer a practical imaging solutions for laboratory and medical in-vivo analysis
  • Improved angular resolution of TEDDI system



  • Biological specimen analysis
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Spectroscopy
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