Space Surveillance Camera

A compact camera system was designed for satellite imaging using a push-broom imager also known as along track scanner.






The system consists of folded 3 mirror imaging system projecting visible or IR light rays onto a detector which is a linear array of CCD pixels. This optical arrangement adapts an off-axis 3-mirror telescope design for terrestrial imaging instead of astronomical imaging.  The number of CCD pixels of each CCD array in the orthogonal plane to the direction of scan is much greater than those in the parallel plane.





  • High resolution: below 1 metre ground sampling distance
  • Capable of operation at a wide range of altitudes
  • Significant reduction in the overall cost - by an order of magnitude - and dimensions of the camera system is around 1 metre
  • This light weight and compact system greatly reduces the transport cost required for space applications.





  • This imaging system is capable of  improve ground surveillance and remote sensing from space.
  • The system can be adapted for long distance surveillance and imaging systems for outdoor terrestrial applications.



Patent Information:
Country Serial No.
United Kingdom 9722329.1
France 9622253.4
United States 10/351174
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