Terahertz Portal Scanner

The scanner works by detecting Terahertz energy (far IR) emitted by the body naturally to detect concealed objects. This passive system means that it is 100% safe to use on all people. This technology includes some unique and innovative features such as; non-invasive detection as it does not image intimate areas of the body and a detection range of up to 10m (meaning there is no need to stop people to scan them) alongside the passive system. This means it can be used unlimited times on anyone with maximum safety and no requirements for gender specific screenings.



The Terahertz scanner technology is a concealed items detector that works by receiving and analysing Terahertz energy (far IR) and some visible band energy emitted naturally by the body to detect items such as weapons, liquids or powders. The technology can be used as a standalone security system or integrated into wider security architectures. The present invention in the patent provides a means of scanning and imaging that captures images quickly and is suitable for use in environments where the object o be imaged is larger than the distance of the object from the imaging device.

CCD’s are arranged to detect Terahertz radiation from portions of the field of view. A scanning element directs the radiation onto a sensor and an imaging processor communicates with the sensor to generate a consolidated image of the field of view.

This gives freedom for it to be used as a portable system for short term security needs or long term in, for example, airport security. Where this technology allows a safe and non-invasive screening process; by analysing natural radiation emitted by a body (an absorber of IR) momentarily stopping in front of a highly reflective (to IR radiation) surface, showing a dark image on a light background to identify weapons and/or hazardous materials. The scanner can also blur out intimate areas of the body to preserve the respect and privacy of the public. The technology gives a typical scan and detection range of between 2m and 10m and can be used for versatile indoor operations and can be installed in a manner similar to CCTV, using wall or ceiling mounts, or it can be used on the floor. This is beneficial as it allows the system to be incorporated in existing security architectures or in environments with limited space. The scanner can be adapted to be used as a mobile system with a variety of accessories.



This technology has the ability to detect natural radiation with no emissions from the scanner, unlike other concealed item detectors, meaning that it is completely safe to use on anyone regardless of age or gender. It also possesses the ability to momentarily scan meaning that there is minimal stoppage whilst scanning, allowing a completely natural detection system.



Compared to other scanners, this technology is completely safe to use on pregnant women. It also provides a much quicker and respectful scan process due to the use of a non-invasive and completely passive detection system, with no capture of intimate areas.



  • Physical size: 656mm(L) x 556mm(W) x 204mm(D)

  • Mass: 24kg

  • Operating Temp: 5°C to 45°C

  • Relative Humidity: 95% non-condensing

  • Input Voltage: 90-240V AC

  • Power Consumption: 80W

  • Imaging Range: 3m (min) to 10m (max)

  • Display: User selectable, options for black and white or colour displays.

  • Field of View: 750mm (W) x 1500mm (H) @ 4.5m (FoV increases linearly with distance)

  • Sensors: 0.25 THz array, Colour CCTV Camera

  • Frame Rate: 6 Hz



Already on the Market



This scanner is suitable for security scanning for detecting weapons, explosives and stolen goods. It could also be used for quality and process control.


Patent Information:
Country Serial No.
United States US11/659191
United Kingdom EP5768076.1
Japan JP2007-524399
Italy EP5768076.1
Germany EP5768076.1
France EP5768076.1
China ZL200580032752.5
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