Hard X-ray imaging detector

The Technology department at STFC have developed the HEXITEC detector measures the energy and position of every incident photon in the 4-200keV range. Each one of the 80x80 pixels provides a full energy spectrum with an average energy resolution of 800eV FWHM at 60keV.




The GigE 8080 is a self-contained, CE marked module that only requires a mains power supply and connection to a PC or Laptop. It can be supplied with a user friendly GUI to operate the detector and provide calibrated spectra per pixel or industry standard Gig-E-Vision APIs for users to integration into their own systems.


The unique high energy dispersive X-ray imaging capability of the HEXITEC detector has been demonstrated in a number of applications including:

    •  Energy dispersive diffraction imaging

    •  X-ray fluorescence imaging

    •  K-edge enhanced imaging

    •  Multiple radio-isotope SPECT


HEXITEC has the potential to use these techniques in scientific and industrial inspection, security scans and medical imaging.




- Pixel Size

250µm x250µm

- Number of Pixels

80x80 = 6400

- Energy Range


- Energy Resolution per Pixel

800eV average at 60keV

- Frame Rate

9 kHz

- Data Rate

5M photons/second

- Standard Detector Material

1mm thick CdTe

- Dimensions

21 x 5 x 5 cm

- Interface

Gig E Vision

The HEXITEC Gig E modules can be supplied with CZT, CdTe or GaAs detector materials of different thicknesses. STFC also have experience of tiling detector modules for large areas coverage and delivering custom detector designs to customers.


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