Terahertz Waveguide Structures

A patented fabrication method of waveguide structures developed at STFC which overcomes the 600 GHz limitations of current systems and allows operation up to 10 THz.





Conventional waveguide structures, which have been fabricated for signals up to around 600 GHz, comprise a discrete planar diode mounted on a microstrip of active components which in turn is mounted on a separately fabricated support. Difficulties have been encountered though in scaling down such structures for higher frequency signals due to limitations encountered in mounting the diode on the microstrip and the parasitic capacitive effects resulting from the diode chip/microstrip combination.

Our engineers have developed waveguide structures suitable for use with frequencies in the range 50GHz-10THz. This has been done by fabricating a waveguide structure in which the resultant metallic structure has the one or more active components positioned distant from the base of the structure on a common fabrication plane.

The waveguide fabrication method involves patterning active elements on a semiconductor wafer. The upper doped surface of the wafer and the active elements are then coated by a dissolvable positive resist polymer. The polymer is etched to produce a former for the structure of the waveguide channel, and subsequently the polymer former is coated with gold and electro-formed using a metallic material (Copper or Nickel). The polymer former is dissolved leaving an open channel, the boundaries of which are defined by the electro-formed structure.



  • Fabricating waveguide structures for use with frequencies in range 50 GHz to 10 THz.
  • Active elements are integral with waveguide structure and lie in common fabrication plane which ensures that if depth of waveguide varies, then active elements remain in same plane.



  • Security Industry
  • Defence applications
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Imaging applications
Patent Information:
Country Serial No.
France 97903475.8
Germany 97903475.8
Japan 09/529114
United Kingdom 97903475.8
United States 09/117781
United States 09/642706
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